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Dental Care During Pregnancy

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Dental Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an extremely crucial period for both the mother’ and the infant’s health. Therefore, oral and dental health care should not be neglected by expectant mothers during this special period.
• The most important change during pregnancy is the increase in the levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones. This increase is also related to the increase of plaque accumulation on teeth.
• During pregnancy, expectant mothers who crave for junk food such as desserts, and sometimes neglect their dental care.
• Expectant mothers sometimes neglect oral care when vomiting starts during the first months of pregnancy.

How Should Oral Care Be Performed?
The increase of hormones renders the mouth mucosa more susceptible to external factors (especially the bacteria plaques). Plaque accumulation should be prevented through effective dental care, using toothbrush and dental floss twice a day. Using mouthwash products or warm water mixed with salt is important for the gingiva.
After vomiting, the mouth should be gargled using water, and the teeth should be brushed after 30 minutes.

Check-Ups Should Not Be Neglected!
Oral and dental check-up should be performed before pregnancy. Oral and dental problems to be experienced during pregnancy will also affect the infant health. Therefore, check-ups by a dentist will be even more crucial during the pregnancy period.

Which Treatments Can Be Applied?
Necessary treatments need to be applied in cases of severe ache and infection where mother’s and the infant’s health will be at risk. A dentist and an obstetrician should work together towards determining the best type of treatment, regardless of the phase of the pregnancy.