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Dental Care in Old Age

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Dental Care in Old Age

The average life expectancy and therefore the elderly population have increased with today’s better life standards, advancement of medicine, and individuals’ raised consciousness about themselves and the environment.
Tooth decays, pyorrhea and residual roots inside the mouth might spread to other parts of the body through the bloodstream, and cause infections. This medical condition is particularly important for old people with systemic diseases. It is necessary to maintain hygiene inside the mouth and treat missing teeth in geriatric patients. For more senior patients, in the case of edentulism, full prosthetics give patients function and phonation skills again and help with the maintenance of the health of joints. This is also important for senior patients in terms of psychological support. If there are sufficient amounts of existing bones, full prosthetics can provide a much better grip when they are supported with implants, provided that systemic problems are taken into consideration.
It is important that senior patients are informed about the maintenance of prosthetics and the concept of hygiene.

ALL-ON-4 and ALL-ON-6

These are special prosthetics that are created using custom-angled implants and special connectors when traditional implant treatment is not possible for patients with complete loss of teeth and when there is too much bone resorption. Thanks to temporary fixed prosthetics that are applied right after the implant surgery, patients can get their teeth in a single session.


Suitable for fixed prosthetics
Being able to get the final prosthetic in a shorter time
Being a good alternative to removable prosthetics
Elimination of advanced surgeries such as sinus lift and bone grafting
Temporary prosthetics are applied right after the implant surgery, so that patients can regain their teeth right away
As the prosthetics are fixed, it is easier for patients to use them and maintain hygiene
They are more comfortable as they do not cover the palate area as in full prosthetics. In addition, they can easily be used by patients who have nausea reflex
As they can be applied in a single session, the treatment can be finalized in a shorter time in comparison to traditional implant treatment.